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About ICCS

We focus on people – the customers we interact with, our clients and our team. 

ICCS is a proud Minority Owned company coming from humble beginnings where family and friends supported an individual’s dream to build a different type of contact centre. From our humble beginnings ICCS has grown; in 2020 relocating the head office to a newly constructed, state of the art facility in York Region, with additional offices in Montreal and Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Since our inception, ICCS has been privately owned by one individual. This fact ensures that we are financially secure and remain lean, which is a benefit to our clients. Our flexibility enables ICCS to scale quickly and as needed. Notably, ICCS is also ISO and PCI certified, we will be SOC2 certified in early 2021.

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Our Success Components
Highly Skilled Staff
CX Mindset

At ICCS we believe in investing in our greatest asset, our team. We have industry leading compensation packages which attractions and retains top industry talent. Many of our agents have been in the business for upwards of 20 years. Furthermore, the lucrative compensation structure encourages top performance, resulting in exceptional performance for our clients. Similarly, the ICCS management team has decades of experience in the contact centre industry. Our agents are carefully chosen and rigorously trained to meet the client’s requirements, whether they be in or outbound voice, chat, email or SMS. 

Customer Experience (CX) is always top of mind in every interaction. Operationally we focus on client satisfaction and delivering consistently superior performance. Our training philosophy, “focus on people”, fosters our ability to proactively listen to our client’s customers and engage appropriately. From day one of training, ICCS agents are taught that they are an extension of our client’s team and are trained to deliver exceptional CX. Through our various software’s and CRM we track every aspect of our interaction with customers, enabling us to understand a variety of key metrics including Custom Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Advanced Technology

At ICCS we stay up to date with the latest industry technology; utilizing the latest and most advanced Telephony, Automated Dialing, Data Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Learning Management System (LMS), Network Technology, and Security. We leverage advanced analytics software to closely monitor and continuously improve performance to maximize efficiencies for all programs. Our technologies ensure reliable service with the flexibility, scale-ability and innovation to meet our client’s requirements and high-performance standards.

Compliance & Security Standards

Brand protection and data security go hand in hand. Protection of your customer’s personal information is of paramount important to your business. ICCS understands this, and this is the reason we observe the highest compliance standards in the industry for our facilities, operations, security, networks and staff. From the most advanced security features to the most basic, but important feature of lockers for cell phones, ICCS takes security very seriously. We adhere to the highest compliance and security standards. We are ISO and PCI compliant and in the process of completing SOC2 certification. 



Customer Focused, Service Driven
International Customer Care Services is committed to providing exceptional contact centre services which are Customer Focused and Service Driven. As an organization we are Service Driven, meaning we are driven to deliver outstanding results for our clients. This objective is achieved through our Customer Focused mindset. Our primary focus are the customers; both our clients and our client’s customers.
Core Values

International Customer Care Services corporate culture is based upon our six-core values:


We are more effective collaborating together, pooling and complementing our individual resources, strengths, ideas and commitments.

Open Mindedness

We are big enough to give others the freedom to be themselves, however, we prefer to work and do business with those who share our values and ethics.

Customer Accountability

We take accountability for our internal and external customers’ complete satisfaction.

High Performance

The expectation from our team is the highest level of competence. The ICCS team maintains a concentrated focus to consistently deliver outstanding performance.

Continuous Learning

We always seek to learn, embracing opportunities to increase efficiencies and ways to live up to the high expectations we set for ourselves.

Continuous Growth

We relentlessly pursue opportunities for growth, balancing analysis with action, and risk with reward.

Our Promise

ICCS' promise is to provide our customers with Best In Class service by exceeding your expectations.

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ICCS promise is to provide our customers with Best-in-Class service by exceeding your expectations. 


  • No task is too big or too small. We strive to be the preferred business partner for our clients and your customers. We support this promise through our commitment to continual improvement and our drive to enhance the customer experience in every interaction.

  • ICCS is built upon the principles of integrity, ethics, and hard work. Our executive team, managers and staff always put you and your customer’s first. This is what it means to be Customer Focused, Service Driven. 

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