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Sales & Marketing

ICCS will deliver consistent and reliable sales results. 

With a focus on CX you can trust ICCS to be an extension of your team and a champion of your brand. Sales are a necessity, leverage ICCS highly skilled sales agents to drive growth and revenue for your business.


ICCS agents will deliver results on your campaigns. We can integrate digital marketing to drive calls and chats into our centre, where our agents will convert those interactions to sales.


Our cloud based cutting edge omnichannel contact centre software ensures a seamless customer experience from chat to email to voice. This software also enables clients to track campaigns in real time. Your project supervisor will closely monitor your campaigns and make adjustments as needed to ensure results. 


Our sales and marketing solutions include: 

  • Inbound & Outbound Sales

  • Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Sales Support

  • Order Processing

  • Service to Sales

  • Cross Sell and Upsell Programs 

  • Customer Acquisition 

  • Lead & Appointment Generation 

  • Market Research

  • Direct Sales

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