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Delivering high-quality and high-performing contact center solutions for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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Welcome to International Customer Care Services

ICCS is Customer Focused, Service Driven. This means we are equally driven to provide exception customer services and exceed KPI targets, while focusing on the human element – our customers, their customers and our employees.

Whether it’s chat, SMS, email or voice, our omnichannel contact centre solutions makes ICCS the ideal partner to manage the customer lifecycle from start to finish; sales and onboarding to ongoing in and outbound customer care and technical support, as well as receivables management.    

Over the last 11 years, ICCS has gained tremendous experience providing comprehensive omnichannel solutions in a variety of industries to prominent brands across North America. ICCS takes the time to develop a strong understanding of our client’s needs in order to develop customized programs to deliver results. We will apply our award-winning customer treatment and business strategies to ensure deliverables are realized. 

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Caring for Your Business and Your Customers

Clients today face an important strategic decision in selecting the right partner to deliver high-quality and high-performing results, while at the same time protecting their brand.

Brand protection and customer experience (CX) is always top of mind at ICCS. Our operations team focuses on a variety of key metrics including Custom Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

Our size and independent owner ship enables ICCS to be flexible and scale your projects when and as needed. When partnering with ICCS you will realize immediate cost savings and maximum return on investment.  

Outsourcing all, or a portion, of your contact center operations with ICCS will alleviate the growing cost of managing your own internal contact centre operations. Outsourcing your contact centre needs with ICCS will be an integral component to your business continuity plan (BCP).



ICCS is committed to the ongoing innovation and investments in technology resources to empower our agent’s success and our ability to continually improve productivity.



ICCS data analytics team works closely with our clients to discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in the data to improve performance.



ICCS observes the highest compliance standards in the industry for its facilities, operations, security, networks and staff.



Security is a primary focus for ICCS and our discerning clients. You can entrust the security of your data to ICCS. We have made substantial investments to ensure your data is always protected.


A Happy and Experienced Team

Join our team, learn new skills, advance your career! ICCS is a great place to work. See what our current happy employees have to say about ICCS. 

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“This is a fun place to work and the company really focuses on bringing divers talent together.” 


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